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Trade Route

Trade Route* (Under Construction)

Trade Route is the name we give to a national business network model that we are looking to build in future. In this model areas are divided by postal code, and in each area there are Spaces, Facilities and Business Circles.

South Africa has nine provinces each province has various cities which in turn has various towns. Smuse defines each area as a postal code which is the easiest way. Areas is an important concept in Smuse, Smuse suggests “Start with what you have where you are”. Effectuation Theory’s “Bird in Hand” principle covers starting with what you have, Areas covers where you are. Smuse suggests to treat each postal code as an independent area where products and services sold is at least sourced partially from within the area in which it resides. This does not mean if you live in a certain area you should only operate in that area but an area should act as a “base”. Which bring us to our next concept:

Within each area is are various “spaces”, a space is essentially a workplace – a place where business is conducted. This is where you work from. This can be a space to extract raw materials, a factory to manufacture, a warehouse to wholesale and distribute, retail shop space, office space, tuckshop, a trading bay etc.

A facility is the infrastructure within a space.

A business circle is a group of entrepreneurs that use the facilities within a space. This can be working together to achieve things they can’t on their own.  

*Provisional name