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The recycler is positioned right at the end of the Supply Value Chain, although in the value chain the individiual collector usually sells it downstream where it is further fold to be processed. This is usually the place where people with no skills or no money has to start.

The recycling waste industry in SA usually looks as follows:
Source of waste
Collection network (this includes what they call “pickers”).
Inbound processing (sorting, weighing, baling etc.)
Buyer (usually the processor)

From inbound processing it goes to the buyer, in SA that usually means  Mondi,  Consul, PETCO, Rose Foundation etc. depending on the material. There are not a lot of buyers at the top but it can be anybody such as a  value addition provider who will turn it into a raw material and resell it and not just processing for output like the aforementioned. It can also simply be a broker that will export it.