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Understanding Target Demographics

Publicly share with the world who you are and what you do.
How will they find you, which tools will you use digital media, print media or a combination of the two.

Target Demographic
Customer Base

Marketing Strategies
Target Market
Target Demographic

Marketing Strategies
Is where you determine your audience, your customer base, your clientele by discerning your target demographics who’s most likely to use your product or service.

Target Demographics
There are eight main categories that can help determine your target demographics.
Region / Locale
Education / Profession
Sexual Orientation
Political Affiliation

Those eight elements will help you determine your customer base, your profiled client base that will most likely to forward your business.

You want to work smart, you want to make sure your marketing money works for you and what you can’t do necessarily is use your resources to blanket the entire community in the entire world. That’s working hard and you going to run out of your resources fairly quickly.

You need to work smart, you need to zero in on who’s most likely to support you, back you, use your service and put your money and marketing resources in that demographic.

Create a profile of the person or people who would most likely use your product, use your service, support your project. Go through each of the elements that make up the target demographic and really dissect and sort out who will most likely be your supporter.

You’re going to make your marketing dollars go so much further by first zeroing in on who’s going to receive your message.

Work out, dissect who would likely be your supporter. You going to make your marketing dollars go so much further.