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[BP] Sales Channels & Marketing Activities

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
How do (or will) you market your products?

How this fits into your business plan

Sales channels: This is where you will sell your items. Example: Your online shop is a sales channel. Perhaps you also sell at a local boutique or craft fair, and your goal is to land several wholesale accounts. It’s good to have multiple channels.
Marketing activities: How do (or will) you market your products? Examples: Search ads or advertising on a design blog. You may need different activities for each market segment.
How will you get your target market to your sales channel?

Through which channels do our Customer Segments want to be reached?
How are we reaching them now?
How are our channels integrated?
Which ones work best?
Which ones are most cost efficient?
How are we integrating them with customer routines?

Channel Phases
1. Awareness
How do we raise awareness about our company’s products and services?
2. Evaluation
How do we help customers evaluate our organizations value proposition?
3. Purchase
How do we allow customers to purchase specific products and services?
4. Delivery
How do we deliver a value proposition to customers?
5. After sales
How do we provide post-purchase customer support?

Marketing Channels



Social media vs print media
We spend a lot of time on our devices
entertainment and performance oriented tools
Video, audio, photography, youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter

Thats how people are receiving information, going with a email list