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[BP] Operations: Resources & People

Tally up all the resources and people you will need to start, run and grow your business and whether they are internal or external (outsourced). Then you fully access the resources you need to start, run and grow.

Operations: Resources & People

The resources you need to start run and grow your business (Equipment & Materials).

Resources (create three columns)

What do you have?
What do you need?
What do you want?

The resources you have?
The resources you need?
The resources you want?

Inventory, staff, actual human beings

The Resources You Have
It is a good idea to take into account what inventory you already posses that could actually save you money on your startup budget as you launch a business.

Buying things you already have is a waste of money, simply you spending that money twice, save those resources and apply it someplace else.

To start you won’t necessarily have to burn up too much of your resources getting items that you already have. So just giving you a really great headstart towards launching your business.

The Resources You Need
This is the comprehensive list of all elements, that are requested to launch your business.

These are the things you need to have in place in order for your new business to thrive. To send it in the direction of success.

Everything from the large details like a rental space or real estate, a vehicle if you need it to the minute details such as paper clips and whether you need new business cards or you know some work in developing your logo.

These are the elements that are required, required the basic minimal elements that are required to launch a business that should go in the resources you need column.

Resources You Want
If I really want to put the finishing touches on this business, if I really want to take my company over the top and surpass the competition.

Three columns
Haves Needs Wants

The People you need to start, run and grow your business (Leader/Team/Partners).


Staffing: Building Your Team and the power of delegation
You need to determine your staff, staffing people, placing people around you who can do the work that you delegate to them.
It’s about understanding delegation, understanding that you can’t do everything by yourself.
You’ve got to surround yourself with people who have skill sets, experience doing the things, you need them to do in order for you to be successful. No successful person finds success in a cave.
It just doesn’t happen for the individual by themself without the support of a team.

People You Have
People You Need
People You Want

Think of (instead of individuals) job titles, skill sets, job descriptions that need to be filled.
Full time, part-time, outsourced
*Make sure when recruiting family and friends, they have those skills or can do the work, be for navigating your relationships with them in business.

Create those three lists
Create a list of the people you already have in your corner ready to go.
The people you need to show up on your team on day 1 to get your business going.
and the people you want who can add to your staff or your team to your cabinet that’s going to make your business shine.



Why are you and your business partners the right people to make your company successful? Even if you’re starting out with just you, write a few quick bullets about why you’re the right person to run this business. If you need to hire key people in the future, list those positions as well, even if you don’t know who specifically will fill those positions right now.

Do you need to work with other companies or organizations to make your company a success?

Key Partners
Who are your key partners?
Who are your key suppliers?
Which key resources are you acquiring from partners?
Which key activities do partners perform?

Motivations for partnerships
Optimization and economy
Reduction of risk and uncertainty
Acquisition of particular resources and activities

How this fits into your business plan:

Operations & Management
The resources and people you have, need and want to start and run your business.

Key Resources
Key Activities
Running costs


Key Resources
What key resources do your value proposition require?
Our distribution channels? Customer relationships?
Revenue streams?

Types of resources
Intellectual (brand, patents, copyright, data)


Key Activities
What key activities do your value proposition require?
Your distribution channels?
Customer relationships?
Revenue streams?

Problem Solving