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Funding a Business

Funding & Finance

If you came here looking to raise funding for a startup or business venture without existing income or assets to put up as collateral then I have bad news for you. Banks do not fund startups, and while there are programs in theory that lends to startups you will most likely be sent from pillar-to-post. Funding small businesses are too risky for banks and as for government programs, let’s just say we operate under the assumption that there are no funding help for startups in South Africa. Instead we adopt a start with what you have mentality. If you need to raise millions for a new startup khoi.biz is not the right place for you. We believe in practical solutions and do not entertain pie in the sky discussions in our community.

In this section we deal with all aspects of funding and finance.

In this section
Funding Needs & Use of funds


How this section fits into your business plan:

Funding Needs & Use of funds
Funding needs / budget
Funding needed / use of funds

If you need to raise money for your business, how much do you need and what will you use it for? Even if you’re starting your business with your own savings or using credit card debt, it’s a good idea to plan on how you will use the funds until you start making sales.