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There are a few things you need to start and run a successful business:

The right mindset

Business Management: Understand your business supply, value and logistics chain and the skills required for the day-to-day running. It goes without saying you should have basic maths literacy. You can hire someone to do the day-to-day management, and you might want to as you grow bigger but starting out you need to know the basics.

Work skills: You need to know something about the work required in that business. How to do it or how to direct someone to do it. If you going to hire a person to do the work then you obviously need to know less. But you still need to know something about your industry.

Finding a gap
Before you start a business, always try to find a niche or gap no matter how small. Almost every industry has existing companies in the market. How are you going to approach it, are you going to offer a better or product or service?