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How to use Smuse
Business Plan
— Value Proposition
— Market Need (Your clients problem) The gap in the market / Fulfilling Needs
— Your Solution
— Competition
— Target Market
— Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
— Operations: Resources & People
— Financials: Budgeting & Forecasting
— Funding Needs & Use of Funds


Starting a Business
Business Idea
Supply Value Logistics Chain
Test Idea (Internally) / Business Suitability Test (Internal)
Effectuation Theory
Bird in Hand Principle – Start with your means. Who you are, what you know, who you know
Affordable loss Principle – Set affordable loss. The time the effort the money that you can afford to lose
Lemonade Principle – Leverage contingencies.
Crazy Quilt Principle – Form partnerships (if you can’t go on your own).
Pilot-in-the-plane Principle – Control the controllable
Write Value Proposition
Problem Worth Solving
Write Market Need

Running a Business
Business Model (The products & services you are going to offer and how you going to offer it)
Porter’s Generic Strategies
Low-cost Provider
Broad Differentiation
Best-cost Provider
Focussed Low-cost Provider
Focussed Differentiation
— Blue Ocean
Write Your Solution (How you are going to solve your clients’ problems)
Business Strategy
Write Competition
Porter’s Five Forces
Threat of new entrants
Threat of substitutes
Bargaining power of customers
Bargaining power of suppliers
Competitive rivalry
Competitive Analysis
Write Target Market
Business Management

Growing a Business
Sales Channels
Brick and Mortar
Ecommerce Website
Online Marketplace
Takealot Marketplace
Makro Marketplace
—  bidorbuy
Marketing, Advertising & Sales
Write Sales Channels & Marketing Activities (Where you are going to sell from and how you are going to get your target market there)
Business Operations
Write: Operations: Resources & People
Budget and sales goals
Write Financials: Budgeting & Forecasting

Funding a Business
Write Funding Needs & Use of Funds
Initial Funding
Working Capital


Supply Chain
– Raw Materials
– Manufacture
– Distributor
– Wholesale
– Retail
– Rental / Hire
– Consumer
– Service
– Repair
– Secondhand
– Renovate
– Refurbish
– Salvage
– Surplus
– Recycler

Value Chain
– Skills
– Equipment
– Materials
– Products
– Services

– Transport
– Warehousing
– Distribution Network

Trade Route
– Area
– Space
– Facility
– Club
– Circle

Buying & Selling a Business
– Buying a Business
– Selling a Business
– Investing in a Business

Saving a Business